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Healthy Ground Chicken Recipes with Potatoes

Healthy Ground Chicken Recipes with Potatoes

Today You should Learn How to Cook Ground Chicken Recipes. Ground Chicken Recipes with Potatoes is also a top-rated recipe, like Beef. So you can easily cook this Healthy Ground Chicken Recipes with Potatoes at home as Ground Chicken Recipes, However,

Many recipients and many recipients were recipients of this recipe. Many people are ready to cook chicken meat, but many people say that my meat is not perfect. So I came out with this cooking pillar.

See how to make chicken meat with potatoes:



  1. Chicken meat: – 1 kg
  2. Potato Medium Size: – Cut 5-6 pieces of sugar and cut into 2 pieces
  3. Onion: – 1 in medium size
  4. Garlic Thrush: – 3-4 Kwa
  5. Pub: – 3 teaspoons: spoon
  6. Garlic Bread: – 1 teaspoon: spoon
  7. Ginger Bread: – 1 teaspoon: spoon
  8. Yellow Molasses: – 2 teaspoons
  9. Chilli powder: – 2 teaspoons
  10. Kashmiri chili powder: – 1 teaspoon
  11. Cumin powder: – 1 teaspoon
  12. Hot spice powder: – 1 teaspoon
  13. Cinnamon: – 1 inch 2-3 pieces
  14. Cardamom: – 2
  15. Tejpatka: – 1am
  16. Salt: – 2 teaspoons / flavors
  17. Sugar: – 1 pinch
  18. Oil: – 1/2 cups

Method Of Ground Chicken Recipes: –

Cut the chicken, wash it with water, garam masala ginger, turmeric powder, chilli powder, Kashmiri chilli powder, cumin powder, salt, sugar 1 teaspoon and keep aside with oil.

Now heat the oil in a pan and keep the potatoes reddish. Now put oil on the pan in the pan and keep aside the onion and roast the garlic with cardamom, cardamom, teaspoon, and stir, mix the meat with red dip, and cover it with red dough. Cook a little salt, so that the water from the meat becomes soaked in the flesh. When the meat is half cooked, cover the potatoes with potato. Once the meat is cooked, cover it with a spoonful of kernels. If the spleen starts to the gram and if you like the amount of flour and hot nasal, then cover the stove and stop the oven and keep it covered for 10-15 minutes. Serve down after 10-15 minutes.

So you can quickly cook this Healthy Ground Chicken Recipes with Potatoes at home as Chicken Recipes For Dinner or Lunch.

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